About Moi

Hi. Thanks for wanting to learn a little about me.

I began learning the metalsmithing trade from my father, George Stumpff, from the age of 15 (check him out at georgestumpff.com). A lifelong artist, I graduated from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago having earning a degree in Painting and Drawing in 2008. In 2012 I launched Dezbah Stumpff Maker as an independently run, fully trademarked business showcasing strikingly original hand-made silver, copper and occasionally gold jewelry. 

I use the name DezbahMaker as a way to honor my father who uses the stamp GWS Maker on his jewelry. As a true western cowboy and scholar of cowboy lore he took the Maker mark from saddle-makers who would use maker paired with their initials or last name to indicate that it was a handmade saddle. All of my jewelry is made with my own two hands, tools and spirit of all those metalsmiths who learned and taught from innovation,creativity and experiment. 

I am continually inspired by the Southwest and the remarkable landscape that surrounds me. The asymmetry, cracks, flow, and magic in the natural world can also be found in my designs.