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Crested Wave Ring

Crested Wave Ring

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Malachite and chrysocolla in this ring originate from the desert in Arizona. It is this fact that makes it more wondrous that they evoke the feeling of oceanic waves and deep life giving pools. 

This piece was made for the true individual who appreciates artisan made jewelry and is not afraid to express boldness paired with a tranquil assuredness.

Sterling silver, one of a kind. Size 8 ½. 

All gems are hand fabricated in my desert studio and come in a gift box.

*** Chrysocolla and Malachite work together in achieving a tranquil mind that can clear a necessary and loving space for change. Deeply intuitive these two stones work to help us reflect and communicate from a space within ourselves that is “true” and balanced. If one is experiencing a major transition these stones assist in giving us a loving perspective to move through those passages in anticipation of what is looking to flourish in your life.

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