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Inner Eye Pentant

Inner Eye Pentant


Let your inner light shine for all to see! You are sure to draw attention with this spectacular pendant. A high quality labradorite in a stunning oculiform (eye shaped) cut cabochon is the centerpiece of this pendant. Exhibiting shades of yellow, light blue to dark blue this stone is banded by striking dark lines typical of the stone. Imagine the impression you will make with this at your holiday parties. 


A deeply protective stone, labradorite allows one a clean and expansive vision that breaks self-deceiving patterns so that one can see new paths. Labradorite allows for the great wealth of esoteric intelligence to come into our lives while still providing abundant protection to the wearer. It creates a bridge between outer and inner intentions that allows for firm foundations in the physical realm.

Heavenly labradorites are in the feldspar family (think moonstones and sunstones). Feldspars are deeply layered with color flash that pick up and reflect light.

Sterling silver. One of a kind. Handmade for you in my studio in the mountains of Santa Fe, NM and/or the desert of Tucson. All items come in an attractive gift box. 


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18" silver chain