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Orb of Night Stacking Ri

Orb of Night Stacking Ri


A milky faceted chalcedony shines an etheric and mysterious blue. Paired with moonstone with deep blue flash against the milky sheen moonstones are known for.

Moonstones are especially useful when a person is beginning a new phase of life. A stone deeply in tune with lunar energies it helps us to be present in the world of intuition and the unseen. When coupled with chalcedony these stones provide a pathway to deep receptive knowingness.

5 rings total create a timeless look that can be worn in multiple ways, just a ring at a time, a few, or all at once. Three texturized sterling silver bands and two texturized sterling silver bands, one with an blue chalcedony and one with a moonstone. Size 6-6.5

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