Growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, arguably the turquoise wearing capitol of the world, turquoise is a stone I have taken for granted. And that just seems silly because turquoise is so gorgeous. Recently, I have been awed by its beauty and collectability. Turquoise is really varied and can range from almost green to vibrant blues.

 Today I want to introduce you to, Kingman Blackweb or Spiderweb, a dense blue stone with a black matrix that appears like a crackle effect resembling a close-up view of a spider web. The Kingman Mine in the Acerbate Mountains and has been in use since 1000 A.D., roughly around the Middle Ages. Mined originally by Native People it is still in production.

In the ring pictured in this post, you can certainly see in the stone why the name is so appropriate. This is a very rare and collectible turquoise and for good reason. It is so unique in its look and the contrasts within the stone are truly inspiring.

My Winter/Fall collection out this September will feature many striking pieces of this rare and hard to find turquoise. Look for it by the end of the month. Check out this ring for a great example of this stunning turquoise

Next time in the blogosphere: We’ll take a look at Royston Turquoise from Nevada another striking turquoise in a light matrix.

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