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Tangled Web Ring

Tangled Web Ring


The Kingman Mine in the Acerbate Mountains and has been in use since 1000 A.D.

The most productive mine for turquoise, Kingman turquoise is highly prized for its stunning colors. This particular type of turquoise is called spider web because of the vivid blue in a black matrix. You can certainly see in the stone why the name is so appropriate. This is a very rare and collectable turquoise and for good reason. It is so unique in its look and the contrasts within the stone are truly unique.

 This stunning ring is a size 7. It feature a large oval Kingman spider web turquoise of very high quality set in a thick silver band. One of a kind

Turquoise is a dynamic stone to use for deep meditations as it provides grounding and protection on many levels. It soothes worry and lays a foundation of peace for moving forward. Related to shamanistic work and sky medicine turquoise is a must have stone for day to day spiritual work.

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